Welcome to the Cheddar Volunteer Fire Department. Anderson County Station #12

From where we started....
....to where we are. Over 50 years of dedicated Volunteer service.

Are you interested in joining those who support your community?  Did you now that less than 1% of the entire population of the Cheddar Community Volunteers to protect it?  We are always looking for volunteers.  To volunteer you must live in the district or own property in the district.  Junior Members are allowed from ages 14 to 17.  Full members are ages 18 to any.  No prior training is required.  All training including state certification is provided through the station.  Is there a reason you can’t fight fire?  We have other positions as well.  We have an amazing group of auxiliary members who do it all.  Everything except internal firefighting.  They manage rehab, perform auto-extrication, First Aid – CPR, drive apparatus, and pretty much everything besides internal firefighting.  If you have questions on how you can help contact us to learn what options we have.